Investing in online projects that enhance humanity's intellectual capacity in area's such as morality and projects that intend to do good fundamentally.

Our mission is to spur pioneering innovation on behalf of what can be considered good, most optimally. We invest in projects that dedicate to long term value creation to deliver durable results that benefits humanity, nature and beyond.

What is good?

From our perspective, this question is where human morality starts and where it achieves infinite growth potential. Why stop at making profit? Smart companies of the future will discover the power of good ad ∞ infinitum.

Today's businesses are struggling to become “good” companies. It is on top of the priorities but many companies fail, as is evident from the following 2022 HBR articles.

What Is the Purpose of Your Purpose? The current fixation on moral purpose puts pressure on executives to be seen as running a “good” business. Defining your purpose (morality) as embedded in culture—as operating in a thoughtful, disciplined, ethical manner—can be both pragmatic and genuine. The full potential of purpose is achieved only when it’s aligned with a company’s value proposition and creates shared aspirations both internally and externally. Source: Harvard Business Review Does Your Company’s Culture Reinforce Its Strategy and Purpose? Source: Harvard Business Review The Messy but Essential Pursuit of Purpose Source: Harvard Business Review

It is seen that the cutting edge of business science is discovering the power of a moral culture as a critical factor to succeed. Culture, like consciousness, is something that is never done, which explains its potential for achieving success when it concerns securing morality in business. When culture is set to serve morality, it becomes an intellectual capacity that can grow infinitely from the inside-out, with intellectual resilience and long term value for durable success as a result.

When humans become smarter in an increasingly connected world, the actual value that companies create for the future of humanity becomes more important over time, and thus is the ability to operate an efficient moral company a strategic advantage that with an increasing speed of cultural evolution becomes increasingly important to secure success.

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